Musical force of nature? Master songwriter? Blazing piano virtuoso? This is Danny Beirne and more.

Danny’s been around … but he hasn’t slowed down one bit. In his early days, Danny had the great fortune to substitute last minute for Chuck Berry’s piano player. As the Baltimore Evening Sun reported, “Berry’s set got a big boost when [another pianist] was replaced by Danny Beirne. He tossed off some scorching riffs on the piano, impressing both the crowd and, obviously, Berry.”

“He can’t be white! He’s got to be black!” cried an astonished Berry.

A big part of Danny Beirne's story is found in The Skip Castro Band's story. Founded by Danny, Charlie Pastorfield, Bo Randall, and Corky Schoonover many moons ago, Skip Castro had an enormous following from Boston to Atlanta in its 10 year reign as the east coast's premier high-energy rock'n'roll show. Although the band stopped touring full-time in 1988, Danny still plays choice gigs with Skip Castro.

“He’s a hard-working performer who seems destined to make it and determined to have a good time along the way.”
—Billboard Magazine

“Jerry Lee Lewis would cry to see such a talent.”
—The Rock Line

“He can turn from the comic to the tragic on a dime … his total sixties freak red rasta hair flowing like the leaf-laden branches of a tree in a summer thunderstorm.”