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Danny Beirne: Sings Everything

Review by: William Cocke
As the carrot-topped, Bozo-mopped, wildman piano player for 80s college favorites, The Skip Castro Band, Danny Beirne was like a looking-glass Jerry Lee Lewis -- all knees, elbows, heels, hands, and attitude. After a long and successful run on the east coast with Skip Castro, Beirne left for Los Angeles for a few years, occasionally playing with his old band, but otherwise engaged in solo projects. Now Beirne has returned. With SINGS EVERYTHING...+ 12 OTHER BIG HITS, he arrives a bit older and mellower, but with chops still intact. Always a good songwriter and expressive singer, this disc showcases those skills well, with Beirne having written or co-written all 13 songs on the disc. His pop sensibility and ability to soak up multiple musical influences, lend this disc an eclectic air, covering everything from jazz, country, and gospel, to Bacharach-style pop. "Party Boy" and "Bad Things" are boogie-woogie rave-ups in the old Skip style, but most of the disc has an L.A. session sheen that serves Beirne well, especially on a jazzy electric piano instrumental like "Shaktipat." The song "Everything" is a power ballad that sounds warped right from 70s FM radio, while "Picturing Changes" is a hooky ode to growing up, giving up the party life, and settling down. While it's still fun to hear Beirne belt out "Boogie at Midnight" for the umpteenth time, it's also nice to know that he's stretching out a little. Most of us have grown up a bit since those heady Skip days and SINGS EVERYTHING...+ 12 OTHER BIG HITS shows that Beirne has too. Well, mostly -- he still hasn't cut off that crazy red hair.

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PHOTOPHILE- Blues meet the brews
by Rebecca Beirne

It was perfect weather Saturday, September 28, at the Charlottesville Downtown Amphitheater for the Blues & Brews Festival. Local blues band The Blueshakers and my own dear husband's The Danny Beirne Band started things off, entertaining the crowd with some hard-driving, rockin' blues. Headlining the event was Sauce Boss, a band with a special twist. Singer/guitarist Bill Wharton sings, plays electric guitar and, last but not least, cooks a big pot of gumbo on stage that he feeds to the audience at the end of the show. Quite a feat!

Charlottesvillians lazed on blankets or in chairs, taking it all in, sippin' on microbrews, eatin' barbeque. The sun was hot, but not too hot, and a welcome breeze carried the promise that fall is on its way. The festival is put on annually by local radio station 3WV and a host of other sponsors.

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Monday, July 8, 2002

In Richmond this weekend, I saw a musician named Danny Beirne at a surprise birthday party thrown by my childhood friend Rufus (father from Virgina/ mother from Chile), for Holly (his wife and mother of Cole, my godson). Danny plays the electric keyboard, has about a thousand tunes in his head, can turn from the comic to the tragic on a dime (but for the nickel). He was out in the backyard in the dead of the night, ostensibly playing for a few lost souls, but really for himself, carefully placing the little lamp on his piano two feet away and shining directly on his face, so he could sweat and radiate in the tried and true tradition of the beatific performer in the spotlight with his total sixties' freak wiry long rasta red hair (with a bozo bald spot in the middle) flowing back and forth like the leaf-laden branches of a tree in a summer thunderstorm.

Just as it seemed like he was winding down, he'd get a totally antic, manic expression, look me straight in the eye, and belt out another tune. Could have played all night long if he was anywhere but American suburbia surrounded by a motley crew of exhausted forty somethings -- could still be playing for all I know. Actually, there is no doubt he is, right now, for sure. Who would dare stop him? (Answer: his own singer/ photographer wife in Charlottesville who wanted him home at a reasonable hour.)

-Charlie Brock 7/08/2002
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(Chuck) Berry's set got a big boost when (another pianist) was replaced by Danny Beirne, the talented keyboard man. Beirne tossed off some scorching riffs on the piano, impressing both the crowd and, obviously, Berry.

-Baltimore Evening Sun

And then there's the matter of this keyboard player, Danny Beirne. Sorry Folks, if you don't catch this guy quick, you're going to have to see him in your local mental institution. This guy is 100% dyed-in-the-wool crazy, playing licks like nobody I've ever seen. I thought I'd seen a lot. Forget it. This guy leaves most anybody in the dust.

Jerry Lee Lewis would cry to see such a new young talent around. I'm sure everyone thought the likes of him would never be recreated, certainly not recreated better. I LOVED IT!

-Kathleen Manley, The Rock Line

Keyboardist Danny Beirne is cornering more of the limelight. A psyched-up bundle of energy, Beirne, his red afro styled hair flying, would often be up off his stool, encouraging audiences to sing and dance along.

-Philadelphia Inquirer

He can't be white! Playing Blues and rock'n'roll like that, he's got to be black!

-Chuck Berry

Danny Beirne performed at one of President Reaganís nine inaugural balls. President & Mrs. Reagan joined Danny on stage to dance to his rendition of "Tennessee Waltz". Later, George Bush and Mohammed Ali joined him on stage for a rendition of "Waltz Across Texas".

-Daily Progress

Danny Beirne tosses his massive mop of red hair with abandon as he pumps out the hefty piano chords that help make his solo act sound like a much larger unit.

-Unicorn Times (Wash D.C.)

Beirne's music covers a wide range of genres.... and if anyone can do it, it's Beirne.

-Dan Reany, The Winchester Star

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His set's loose format allowed for several piano breaks. He is a hard working performer who seems destined to make it and determined to have a good time on the way.

-Billboard Magazine

He's a soul man... OK, why ain't this guy on the radio?  He has every trick in the rock and roll book and a few extras. WOW!  All I can say is I love this CD!

-Carl Story, Blast Magazine

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The best keyboard player I've ever heard! 'Party Boy' and 'Bad Things' were expected, but I had no idea Danny could write amazing ballads like '2000 Days' or 'Dreams with You.' I'm truly blown away!

-Jere Real